Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This blog will remain a repository of information about the ACT New Zealand political party from 2007-9. Future guest posts at liberation.typepad.com. My contact details are below.

Dear all,

This blog on the ACT New Zealand political party operated from 2007-9, a period in which I wrote some 170 posts on many different topics relating to the party. The inspiration behind the blogs was to showcase some of the research I had conducted for my 2007 dissertation on ACT, while also providing in-depth commentary on ACT, which at that time seemed to be very limited.

The name Douglas to Dancing combined references to Roger Douglas, the co-founder of the party who came back for the 2008 election, and Rodney Hide, ACT leader from 2004-2011. Hide featured on the 2006 edition of television talent show Dancing with the Stars.

Due to other commitments, but also because of the much greater interest in ACT by others following its entry to government after the 2008 election, I decided to discontinue regular posts in mid 2009. But  Douglas to Dancing will remain online as a repository of information on ACT from the period 2007-2009. Today I've tidied up the information side panels at left and deleted dead links.

Since 2010, I have written occasional guest posts on Liberation, the blog of Dr. Bryce Edwards - mostly, but not only on the subject of ACT. The links to these are below. My thanks to Bryce for extending me the invitation to publish posts on his site. I hope to write future occasional posts there when I have something to say on New Zealand politics.

I have remained a very big reader of New Zealand political blogs and do not rule out starting another blog of my own one day! For now, I welcome e-mails to geoffreymiller AT g(DELETE)mail DOT com. I also have a Twitter account at @GeoffMillerNZ.

Liberation guest posts (in reverse chronological order):

24 May 2012: Is taking gifts from lobbyists ever a good idea? (On David Shearer/Labour Party)
3 May 2012: Has John Banks breached the Act Party constitution and rules?
30 April 2012: The consequences of the John Banks donation scandal

28 April 2011: National, Act, Brash and Orewa
Best wishes,

Geoffrey Miller
23 October 2012